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winning cultures

Have you ever wondered what makes a winning culture?

How it is that similar people, with similar skills, in similar companies, can produce completely different results?

Some people call it the ‘x’ factor. The magic potion. The secret sauce.

We call it making your business the best possible version of itself.
And we’re here to help you do it.

Welcome to 66.

what culture is (and why it matters)

There’s a lot of crap talked about workplace culture.
Like most things that matter in life, it comes down to common sense - and simple, timeless human truths.
Get those right and your business will flourish.
Get them wrong and not even the most brilliant strategy will save you.

View the film to find out more.

what culture is
how we canhelp

how we can help

There are two elements in building a strong culture: defining who you are as a business - and making sure the reality of your employees’ experience lives up to it.
Our job is to help you with both - and we do it in four main ways:

about us

about us

66 is not your average consultancy.
We’re made up of people with backgrounds in research, people management, leadership coaching, branding and communication.
It’s an unusual mix - and an incredibly powerful one when you want to build a winning culture.
You get the analytical insight and practical know-how built up over 30 years working with some of the world’s leading brands.
Combined with the award-winning creativity to articulate it and bring it to life.
To get a feel for the way we think and work, check out our ideas

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